Jin Zza Ru – Closed

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진짜루 (식당-중식)

Restaurant serving Koreanized Chinese food.

Health rating of A (90) as of 12/05/2012.

* The restaurant’s Korean name is pronounced “Jin-jja-roo.”

Jin Zza Ru, Jinzzaru, Jinjjaroo, Jinjjaru, Chinese Gate, Yogurt Park

Drager’s – Closed

Ground floor of the cursed Mercury Building, across the street from the Wiltern Theater. Former space of the notorious Spanish Fly Gastropub. February 22, 2013. Licensee: DRAGER’S WILTERN, INC. Company Information Officer: LEE, YONG HO (PRESIDENT/SECRETARY) Officer: LEE, YONG HO (TREASURER) Stock Holder: LEE, YONG HO License Types 1) License Type: 41 – ON-SALE BEER […]

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Crazy Crab LA – Closed

November 2012: A re-branding of Crazy Hook, which had the notorious reputation of having earned a C health rating… CLOSED… As of November 2014, this space is occupied by Holy Crab.

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Gelaco Cafe – Closed

Southwest Koreatown. Cash only. Disconnected phone number as of May 2014: (323) 737-0097

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