Atelier by Tiffany

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On the second floor of the building on the southeast corner of 4th & Western.

Hair, Makeup & Nail Salon.

Different from Atelier Bridal (Atelier by Dawn) on 6th & Kenmore.

Bulgogi Hut: All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

Bulgogi Hut

Latest iteration of the “Castle 2” Korean BBQ restaurant on Wilshire & Kingsley. Among the other names in the past of restaurants in that space: Goong, Bulgogi House

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Let’s Sea – Closed

UPDATE: The space returned to being called Hae Ha Heng in spring 2015. Latest iteration of the Thai restaurant Hae Ha Heng on the second floor of Western Village Square, the mini-mall on the southwest corner of 3rd & Western. Came into being in November 2014. Menu is now focused on seafood. FBI: Fried Banana […]

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Shabu Me LA – Back Open

Closed for construction in 2015. Back open as of March 2015. Opened in 2014 in the old space of Myeongdeong Donkasu in the strip mall known as 7-Vermont Plaza (northeast corner of 7th & Vermont). Suite #111 Restaurant specialty: Hot pots with meat broth Serves alcoholic beverages such as soju and sake. Hours are usually […]

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