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City Center Mall in Koreatown LA

City Center on 6th

Medium-sized mall on 6th Street by Alexandria Avenue

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CGV Cinemas USA

CGV Cinemas LA

First stateside offshoot of the South Korean movie chain

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High-end Korean hair salon on Wilshire


Upscale hair salon with Korean stylists

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Kpop merch store in Koreatown

Kpop Bestie – Moved

Merch store with photobooth

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Greek Orthodox Church LA

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Greek Orthodox cathedral just south of Koreatown proper.

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KBBQ restaurant on 6th & Kenmore

STE 101


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Marijuana Art Gallery

The Artist Tree

Medical Marijuana Collective

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Akira Ramen LA

Ramen Akira

Full-service restaurant

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Chipi restaurant in Ktown


Chicken + Pizza 🍗🍕

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Thanks Pizza Home Delivery

Thanks Pizza

At the California Market

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Cafe Giverny: "Monet's Garden"

Cafe Giverny

Korean-owned cafe in North Koreatown

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Korean bar at Brown Derby Plaza

Bacchus Tables

K-Pub @ Brown Derby Plaza

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Shimsham Karaoke

Shim Sham

New lounge just east of Koreatown proper.

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Road to Seoul in Los Angeles

Road to Seoul – Western

Korean BBQ restaurant

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Dae Song Ro Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Dae Sung Ro

Korean BBQ Restaurant

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Seven Eleven logo

7-Eleven (Solair)

By the Wilshire Western metro station

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Chimaek Koreatown Los Angeles

ChiMac Star

Korean fried chicken restaurant

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Restaurant Lounge inside Oxford Palace Hotel

Sooda Sushi

Japanese restaurant at the Oxford Palace Hotel

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Bandal Cafe Ktown

Cafe Bandal

Croissant taiyaki & shaved ice

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Just Boba Ktown LA

Just Boba

New bubble-tea shop at the Madang Mall

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Beard Papa Cream Puffs in Koreatown LA

Beard Papa’s

Japanese cream puffs at the Madang Mall on Western Avenue, just north of Wilshire Boulevard.

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Daiso Japan: Koreatown LA Store

Daiso Japan

Japanese chain retail store selling many items for $1.75 each

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French Kiss Cafe in Ktown

French Kiss Café

Cafe by the movie theater at Madang Mall

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Cafe Loft in Los Angeles

Cafe Loft

Relatively quiet cafe that’s suitable for studying

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New barber shop on 6th Street in Ktown LA


New barbershop

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Corea BBQ in LA

Corea BBQ

Korean stall in the food court of City Center on 6th

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Pelicana Chicken SoCal

Pelicana Chicken

South Korean franchise restaurant

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Korean Black Sugar Tea Drinks

Heuk Hwa Dang

Premium coffee, ice cream and tea drinks

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Kost Eat Food Stall at Madang Mall


Korean street food

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Bumsan on Western Avenue


Serves ice cream

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