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Akira Ramen LA

Ramen Akira

Full-service restaurant

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Hato Sushi Ktown LA

Hato Sushi

Sushi and sashimi

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Korean Fried Chicken restaurant LA

Kokio Chicken – Olympic

Korean chicken restaurant

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Palestinian restaurant in LA

Salam Falafel

Palestinian eatery serving halal food 🍉

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Chinese Shop in Ktown Los Angeles

Liu’s Cafe

Taiwanese American eatery

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KingYuBu Los Angeles California

King Yubu

Korean sushi rolls + Yubu

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KTeam Barbecue LA


Korean barbecue restaurant featuring naengsam

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Bitcoin restaurant in Ktown LA


Full-service restaurant

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Toast and Rice Ktown

Toast and Rice

In the Wilshire-Gramercy strip mall where Cheebo used to be.

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New Thai restaurant in LA

Good Thai Kitchen

Newly open Thai eatery

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Omakase restaurant in Ktown

Yeon Omakase & Sushi

Korean-operated Japanese restaurant

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Thai bar menu item

Thai Angel

Family-owned & -operated bar + restaurant

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Small Korean pub

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KBBQ restaurant at Chapman Plaza

Origin Korean BBQ

New at Chapman Plaza.

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Chipi restaurant in Ktown


Chicken + Pizza 🍗🍕

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Chef Kang's new restaurant Dasom in Ktown LA


New restaurant by Chef Kang

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Thank U Pho Restaurant on 8th & Oxford

Thank U Pho

Small Korean-owned eatery serving pho

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Thanks Pizza Home Delivery

Thanks Pizza

At the California Market

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Korean Tofu Restaurant in LA

LA Tofu House

Korean restaurant

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Korean seafood grill restaurant in LA

Burnin Shell

Korean seafood barbecue restaurant

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Jinsol Gukbap new location

Jinsol Gukbap on 8th

Korean restaurant whose specialty is dweji gukbap (pork soup)

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new pho restaurant in LA

Pho Gyu

Vietnamese Noodle House

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Jeong Yuk Jeom

Jeong Yuk Jeom

Korean BBQ restaurant at Madang Mall

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Brazilian restaurant in Ktown LA

W Brazilian Steakhouse

All-you-can-eat Brazilian steak

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Korean Steakhouse

Mun Korean Steakhouse

Korean barbecue restaurant

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Korean-style Kpop chicken in LA

Zombie Chicken

Korean-owned eatery serving fried chicken

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Samgyeopsal bbq restaurant in Ktown


Korean restaurant focused on grilled pork

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Moo Dae Po 2 AYCE KBBQ

Moodaepo 2

Korean BBQ restaurant

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Gangnam Restaurant in Ktown

Gangnam Pocha

Full-service restaurant

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Anju in Los Angeles

Anju House

Korean bar food

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