Kpop Bestie – Moved

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Retail store selling Kpop merchandise with a large collection of photocards.

SELLING POINT: This merch store has a photobooth!

Hours Open
Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

Kpop Bestie has a resting area for customers at their store, which is located on the second floor of the Solair Building, right by the entrance/exit of the Metro station.

Location update : The store has “expanded” with an outpost on the first floor, close to the southeast corner of 6th and Western. Unit 102AB

TXT Light Stick… Ateez The World EP.2: Outlaw PLATFORM Version… Hello Kitty… BT21 X CREME… BTS SUGA Marie Claire Magazine… BT21 Beach Bag…

EVENT: BlackSwan fanmeet on November 14 (Tuesday), 3-8pm

Cosmetic World at Madang

Cosmetic World @ Madang Mall

Part of a Korean American chain of cosmetic stores.

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