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Photobooths in Koreatown are of course Kpop-themed… These “self-photo” booths are usually found inside or near Kpop merch stores in Ktown.

Three new Kpop photobooths opened in Ktown in 2023 — one is a standalone booth at the old Koreatown Plaza shopping mall, another is located inside a retail store by the Metro station, across the street from the Wiltern Theater, above Shake Shack, and the newest is Potobox on the second floor of the Madang Mall on Western Avenue, also near the Metro Station on Wilshire.


Koreatown Photobooth

“Self Photo” Booth

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Potobox (Madang)

Photobooth at the Madang Courtyard

Self-photo studio

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Potobox Arcade

Kpop-themed selfie booth

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Kpop Bestie – Moved

Kpop merch store in Koreatown

Merch store with photobooth

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Boba Story – 7th & Western

Boba Story on Western

Taro Slush Boba, Mango Slush

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