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K-pop (케이팝) refers to South Korean pop music. Popular Kpop music groups have names that sound weird to non-Koreans — Big Bang, Super Junior, 2NE1, EXO, MBLAQ, Crayon Pop, 4minute…

SM Town Museum

SM Town Museum, Koreatown LA

Museum of South Korean entertainment corporation known for slave contracts and legal disputes with trainees and contract celebrities.

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Nature Republic

Nature Republic: Koreatown LA Store 2015

화장품 업체 네이처 리퍼블릭

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Choice Music Kpop Store

Choice Records: Kpop Albums Store in Koreatown LA

Small shop on the third floor of Koreatown Galleria with good prices on a vast selection of Kpop CDs and Kdrama DVDs

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Unos Dance Studio – Moved

UNOS Dance Fitness Studio

Kpop Dance Classes: Adults, Young Adults, Teens, Children, Private Lessons

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Dance Joa Kpop Classes

Jazz, Hiphop and Kpop Dance Classes.

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KBS America

KBS America in Koreatown LA

US subsidiary of Seoul-based Korean Broadcasting System (KBS). Established in July 2004. Located on 6th & Kingsley.

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Fancy House Kpop Merch Store

Fancy House: Kpop Merch Store in Koreatown LA

Korean-run gift shop inside Koreatown Plaza carrying stationery and knickknacks such as Hello Kitty chopsticks, Kpop keychains, stickers and origami paper. Fancy House (aka Le Cards) is the shop by the food court. Has no EXO calendars as of November 2015 but does have many other EXO items like posters.

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MBC America

MBC America in Koreatown LA

MBC America is the US subsidiary of MBC, a South Korean broadcasting company.

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