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Kpop music store at Koreatown Plaza… Suite 107

Victon’s newest album “Nostalgia” in two versions — NOSTOS and ALGOS

As announced by SM, there was a misprint for the new ❤️‍🔥NCT 127 질주 2 BADDIES❤️‍🔥 ✨️DIGIPACK version✨️

All member versions excluding 🌙Taeil’s cover had a misprint.

Due to this, SM has provided us with modified album booklets as replacements.

Music Plaza is the ONLY store in the west coast (there is a store in NY that also provides it) that has these modified booklets. If you have purchased an NCT 127 2 BADDIES DIGIPACK in any store, you can stop by MUSIC PLAZA and pick up the booklet.

Need proof of purchase (does not have to be Music Plaza, just any store in the U.S.A). A receipt can be used, or if you wish to just bring the album, Music Plaza can give you the correct booklet.

This offer will be available for ALL THOSE WHO PURCHASED THIS ALBUM. Again, it is not exclusive only to Music Plaza customers, but other stores as well.

(Offline only)

Kpurity K healing

Insan Healing

Second floor of Koreatown Galleria

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