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WEST SIX PLAZA LLC = W. Six Plaza = West 6th Plaza

Strip mall on the northwest corner of Western Avenue and Sixth Street

537 S Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020-4207

(34.0646°, -118.3091°)

In February 2018, ALEJANDRO DIAZ filed an ADA civil rights case against W SIX PLAZA.


Ubatuba Açai Bowls & Empanadas

Ubatuba Acai Beyond Meat in LA

Also offers Beyond Meat options

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Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee

Korean-owned Western style coffee shop

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Smoke & Vape

“One Stop” at 6th & Western

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Tengoku Ramen Bar – Closed

Tengoku Ramen in Koreatown LA

NW corner of 6th& Western

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ChaKan Sullungtang

Cha Kan Korean Restaurant

Korean restaurant specializing in the traditional ox-bone soup called seolleongtang / sullungtang.

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JJ Beauty Nail & Eyelash

JJ Nail & Eyelash Salon in Koreatown LA

Northwest corner of 6th & Western

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Noodles & Company – Closed

Korean-Vietnamese Pho Noodles: 6th & Western

Korean-run Vietnamese pho restaurant. Opened in Summer 2013. Had had closures / ownership/name changes. Final closure was in September 2016.

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Myung Poom Sundae – Closed

Myung Poom Soon Dae: Korean Blood-Sausage Restaurant

“Myeong-poom Soondae” is the new name for the longstanding “Western Soondae” restaurant on the northwest corner 6th Street and Western Avenue.

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Pho Hanoi at 6th & Western – Closed

Korean-run Pho Hanoi

New name in 2014 of the space of “Noodles & Company” eatery in the mini strip mall on the northwestern corner of 6th & Western. Likely a mere rebranding because order-taker still answers phone with “Noodles” instead of “Pho Hanoi.” Korean establishment, not Vietnamese.

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Western Soondae – Name Change

Western Soondae on 6th & Western

UPDATE: Rebranded itself as “Myung Poom Soon Dae” as of October 2015. Poorly rated Korean restaurant whose specialty is Soondae (blood sausages). Known for being pointedly rude to non-Koreans, especialy non-Korean Asians. NOTE: No longer open 24 hours. Open most days 9:00 am – 12:00 midnight. BUSINESS HOURS Mon 9:00 am – 11:00 pm Tue […]

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Lucky Spa – Closed

Hailong Foot & Body Massage

Formerly known as Hailong Massage Spa. Located on the second floor of the strip mall on the northwest corner of 6th & Western, above Mr. Coffee.

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MU Sports

Korean-run apparel shop on the northwest corner of 6th & Western.

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Sprint – 6th & Western (Changed to T-Mobile)

Two iPhones taken from this store by a gang of four criminals on June 22 (Friday), 2012. Located in the mini-mall on the northwest corner of 6th and Western.

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