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Korean-owned pilates studio on the second floor of the strip mall called West Six Plaza, between Asurion and Ku BonSong Dentistry. In the space where “Western Barbershop” used to be.


Pilates, Aerial Yoga

Price of a solo private Pilates session: $95

Areumdaum is the Korean word for “beauty.”

PILADAUM was established in Ktown in the year 2022. It originally dubbed itself “Piladaum+ Nail#” and was also offering manicures, pedicures, and eyelash extensions — before now focusing mostly on pilates and aerial yoga.

Fitness gym open late in Ktown

24-Hour Fitness

Franchise gym open 24 hours… $50 / month

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Soom Pilates

Pilates & yoga classes with Korean instructor

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