Kabayo Cham Bada

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Kabayo Cham Bada 2014. “True Taste of Ocean”

Seafood restaurant whose menu includes bibimbap, haemultang, raw abalone salad, yeonpotang, seafood ddeokbooki…

MSG not used.

Availability of menu items is subject to change.

Open on Christmas Day until 9:00 pm.

Located in a small North Koreatown strip mall on Western Avenue by Council Street.

In the old space of Busan “Japanese” Sushi Restaurant.

Haeundae Seafood BBQ

Opened in the former location of The Shabu Shabu in May 2011. Located on the second floor of the mini-mall known as Cosmos Village. Enter parking lot of 4th Street. Stays open past 11:00 pm on Friday nights. 09/26/2012 96 A 06/25/2012 90 A 04/18/2012 93 A

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Jeju Restaurant on Pico

Jeju Island Restaurant

Korean-run Japanese restaurant specializing in sashimi / raw fish. Caters primarily to old Korean men. Located southwest of Koreatown proper, in Arlington Heights. Hours Open: Mon-Sat 4 pm – 11 pm Health rating of A (93) as of 01/24/2013.

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The Boiling Crab

Seafood restaurant chain that opened in at the Brown Derby Plaza in January 2011. Has numerous flat-screen TVs. You can write graffiti on the walls. “Make a cow happy. Eat seafood” — crabs, lobster, shrimp, oysters, crawfish Be prepared to wait longer than two hours before being seated.

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