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Kang Hodong Baekjeong

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KBBQ restaurant that opened at Chapman Plaza in January 2012.

“Gang Ho-dong” is the name of the South Korean comedian and emcee (a former ssirum wrestler) who owns this restaurant chain, which originated in South Korea.

This restaurant is referred to by the Korean locals simply as Baek-jeong.

Hours are usually 11:30 AM to 1:00 AM, Monday to Sunday. Note that on the first Sunday of each month, the restaurant does not serve lunch and opens at 4:30 PM for a scheduled rigorous cleaning.

Ham-Hung Naeng-myeon Restaurant

Ham Hung Restaurant

Korean restaurant that moved to Olympic Boulevard from 8th & Ardmore in 2011. Known for its naeng-myeon (cold noodles). Used to be open 24 hours. Now closes by midnight. Health rating of A (92) as of 10/11/2012.

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Hite Kwang-jang

Korean-run restaurant pub known for fried chicken. The establishment’s primary patrons are elderly Korean men drinking beer. Health rating of A as of January – March 2015.

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Korean restaurant that opened in May 2013. Features large intestines, small intestines… Kang Hodong Ahgassi. Agassi Gopchang… “Ah-gah-shee Gob-chahng”

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