Lerd Rod (LR) Thai Food

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Cheap Thai restaurant.

Thai Original BBQ – Western Avenue

One of several Thai Original BBQ restaurants in the area. This one is located in North Koreatown / East Hollywood near Larchmont / Melrose Hill.

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Tip's House: Thai Food Takeout on 6th Street

Tip’s House

Small family-run Thai restaurant on 6th Street.  Cash only.

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Arunee Restaurant


Located just outside of Koreatown’s proper borders. Lunch Specials Everyday 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM L1. CHICKEN YELLOW CURRY OR TOFU $6.95 Yellow curry with chicken, potatoes and carrot in coconut milk. L2. CHICKEN GREEN CURRY OR TOFU $6.95 Choice of chicken or pork in green curry, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, basil, in coconut milk. […]

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