3rd Street Chicken House

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UPDATE: Closed. Space has been taken over by Jun Won Dak.

Small restaurant whose specialty is Korean chicken soups and stews.


The Korean name of this restaurant is “Sam-ga Dahk-gom-tang.”

Sahm = three gah = street

You can spot the number 3 on the Korean sign outside.

There are color drawings of roosters on the wall. Used to be there was absolutely nothing in English. The word for “chicken” is pronounced dahk.

닭곰탕 = Dak gomtang = chicken broth

닭칼국수  = Dak kal-gook-su = chicken soup with knife-cut noodles

닭도리탕 = Dak do-ri-tang = spicy chicken stew

오리 도리탕 = Ori do-ri-tang = spicy duck stew

Open until 10:00 pm on most days.

“The Real 3rd Street Chicken House”

엘에이맛집 토종닭볶음탕