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Banner outside says “Liquor Market”

8th St. OK Liquor

Date Closed: February 20, 2014
Date Reopened: March 05, 2014
Reason for Closure: Vermin Harborage, Vermin infestation

Horrible ownership. Much hated in the neighborhood, despite the fairy-tale stories the mainstream media have been peddling for page views.

Palace Catering

South of Koreatown proper. PALACE CATERING, 1665 W VENICE BLVD, LOS ANGELES, CA, 90006 Date Closed: October 03, 2013 Date Reopened: October 05, 2013 Reason for Closure: Vermin Harborage Vermin infestation

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Zzamong Chinese Takeout


Temporarily closed by the health department in January 2013 on account of vermin infestation.

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Arcega’s Restaurant & Catering

Latest closure due to rodents: 09/29/2014 Date Closed: December 10, 2013 Date Reopened: December 18, 2013 Reason for Closure: Vermin Harborage, Vermin Infestation

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