Apples Bakeshop on 8th – Moved

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UPDATE: On January 21, 2015, a judge approved the eviction of Assi Market from the building on 8th & Oxford.

Being on a sublease, the Apples counter also had to move out. Their new location is on 8th & Vermont, at 849 South Vermont Avenue.

Known to be very, very rude to English speakers. Always start an inquiry in Korean if you can speak it fluently; otherwise, you will be subjected to the typical Korean rudeness.

Their 3rd Street location was known as “Flour Etc.”

Tom n Toms Coffee Shop

Tom n Toms – 1st & Western

Western Avenue, just a few blocks south of Beverly Boulevard, right by Paris Baguette and across the street from HK Super.

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Korean gallery just a few steps outside of Koreatown’s formal borders, one block east of Vermont at Wilshire Boulevard and Shatto Place. Contemporary art and fine craft. Parking is ample and free. You may park in the underground parking area or behind the building. • Drive the 10 freeway WEST (past Downtown – going toward […]

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Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Post Office

Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Post Office

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