Beverly Dental Group

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베버리 치과

Asian American dentists at the Serrano Medical Building on Third Street, about two blocks east of Western Avenue.

Dr. Scott Y.J. Kim
스캇김 치과 Fax Number: (213) 387-9492

Ji Young Choi, DDS
Kevin S.J. Hyun, DDS
Thuan N. Le, DDS, MS

Languages: English and Korean spoken

Services: dental cleaning, x-rays, crowns, referrals

There are 2 PPP loans for a total of $162,645 in our database for businesses with the name “Scott Y.j. Kim DDS. Inc” in Los Angeles.

$81,545 Loan – Corporation – February, 2021

$81,100 Loan – Corporation – April, 2020

Scott Y.j. Kim DDS. Inc received a Paycheck Protection Loan of $81,545 through US Metro Bank, which was approved in February 2021. This loan has been disbursed by the lender and has not yet been fully repaid or forgiven.

Number of jobs claimed to have been retained: 16

On the PPP application, Scott Y.j. Kim DDS. Inc reported intending to use the proceeds of their PPP loan for the following expenses:

Payroll: $81,543
Utilities: $1

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