BMB Nail Spa – Closed

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Located on the second floor of the new California Marketplace (Gaju Market) on the northeast corner of 5th Street and Western Avenue.

BMB Nail Spa
– Nails (Manicures, Pedicures)
– Waxing for males and females
– SMP (Hairline Tattoo)
– Permanent Makeup
– Eyelash Extensions

SMP = Scalp Micropigmentation

* Acquired Barbicide certification during COVID

registered as a business in Los Angeles since January 2020

Kim Sun Young: Manicures on Beverly and Western

Nail Atelier

Manicures and pedicures… Northeast corner of Beverly Boulevard and Western Avenue, by the hair salon.

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Sugar Nail Salon

Sugar Nail Salon – 6th Street

Korean-run nail salon on 6th Street. * Open even during the COVID-19 crisis, April 11.

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