CBB Bank

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Commonwealth Business Bank

JOANNE KIM, CEO & President

A business bank that opened on March 9, 2005. It is currently headquartered at the Equitable Building on Wilshire.

Gem Beauty Jwa-Hun

Located east of Koreatown, in the Westlake district. Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-8pm

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Gangnam Station

Phone number on paper menu: 213-385-9799 “Chinese House” (Hao Chi) during the day. “Gangnam Station” at night.

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The Face Shop @ City Center

The FaceShop @ City Center

This location is on the second floor of the City Center Mall at 6th & Alexandria. There is a newer Faceshop brach at the Madang Mall on Western Avenue. You can also buy a wide array of FaceShop items online, including RICE WATER, Trendy Nail Polish, and various face and lip masks.

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