Cold Cocked Coffee – Closed

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Cold Cocked by Adam Fleischman: Iced coffees, Cofftails, Teas, Energy drinks

Opened at the Platform 35 Markethall in November 2018 “…to bring a cocktail-bar experience to the worn-out coffee shop model.”

Closed in 2019.

“Sip From The Tree of Knowledge”

Koreatown – two shots of espresso in an infused base

Denmark – coffee base made with imported licorice from Lakrida

Viet – coconut puree, dehydrated fish sauce and fresh mint

Oaxaca – pure chocolate, ancho chile, cinnamon

Britany – sea salt caramel named after the region in France where it was invted

PB& C – dehydrated peanut butter

Quebec – organic maple butter infused