Dada Sushi Bar

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Poorly rated Korean-run sushi and sashimi restaurant on Olympic, but has the distinction of scoring a perfect 100 (letter grade A) when inspected by the County health department on 02/21/2013.

Sushi Bar Da-Da on Olympic

Sushi Bar Da-Da on Olympic

Sushi Bar Da-Da.

Hours: 4PM – 10:30 PM.

Valet parking is $2.

Sushi Ko

Sushi & Sashimi 2014 Korean-run Japanese restaurant. Sushiko / Sushigo / Sushi Go

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Sushi One

On the north side of 6th Street, between Western Avenue and Oxford Avenue, in the old space of Jenny’s Dog Grooming.

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Take Sushi

Korean-run Japanese restaurant inside the Oxford Palace Hotel.

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