Daedo Restaurant

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Korean Steak Restaurant

Daedo Sikdang is a Seoul-based South Korean franchise that plans to open its first Los Angeles location in 2020.

Since 1964.

대한민국 최고의 등심전문식당, 대도식당 1964년, 대한민국 서울 왕십리에서 시작한 대도식당은 독창적인 무쇠 프라이팬 구이 방식을 개발하여 오로지 등심 한 가지로 승부해 온 등심 전문 식당입니다.

Kitchen Borie USA, Inc. Arcadia, California.

In the accursed space formerly occupied by M2 Karaoke Bar (Story).

Kuishimbo Japanese Restaurant on Wilshire

Kuishimbo Restaurant on Wilshire

This longtime, original location on Wilshire/Wilton closed in early 2005 and re-opened in January 2013.

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