Doopan Bakery

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Cold coffee, patbingsu, bread, pastries

Health score: B

Doo Pan Bakery

야채빵, 호빵, 고로케, 쿠키

김두길 사장

Sul n Beans Korean Bingsoo Cafe in Koreatown LA

Sul & Beans

Korean dessert cafe at Madang Courtyard. Specialty is Patbingsu.

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Nicole's Cafe at Koreatown Plaza

Nicole’s Gourmet Coffee

Famous for its signature Patbingsoo, Nicole’s carries gourmet Godiva chocolates and serves cakes, lattes, and sandwiches. Soymilk is available for lactose-intolerant customers. Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and coffee flavors of Häagen-Dazs ice cream are used in milk shakes ($4.75) and in fruit sundaes ($6). Item availability and prices are subject to change. Located in Suite #145 […]

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Miss Coffee

Coffee shop known for serving patbingsu in a large pyrex cup.

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