Dr. Samuel (Sang-Hyun) Baik

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Internal Medicine, Board Certified, Male, Age 51

Office is located on the first floor of Ardmore Medical Center, whose sign on the street says “L.A. Medical Center.”

In a 2013 study on Medicare Part D conducted by ProPublica based on 2011 data, Dr. Sang Baik was found to be the top Medicare prescriber in Koreatown — in fact, he ranked 2nd in the entire country in terms of Medicare Part D prescriptions filled and ranked second in the entire country in terms of total retail price of all prescriptions, which was $6.75 million.

He had 1,547 patients who received at least one drug in Part D and 96% of his patients were 65 years or older.

How does Dr. Baik compare to the average of his peers in California who share the same medical specialty of internal medicine?

  • About 53% of this provider’s prescriptions were for brand-name drugs, compared to an average of 23%.
  • The average price of a prescription from this provider was $102, compared to $65 among his peers.
  • He filled an average of 43 prescriptions (including refills) per patient, compared to an average of 17.
  • He was the top prescriber in California for the drug Simvastatin filling out 1,527 prescriptions, including refills, in one year alone.