Drip LA – Closed

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A coffee bar with beans from Portland-based Coava. Located on the second floor of the ASSI Korean supermarket building.

DRIP earned notoriety for brazenly holding a grand opening party on November 10th inĀ 2011 without even an application for a health permit. They did not pass LA County inspection until December 16th.

Screenshots of malicious comments posted by DRIP’s self-described PR manager Rebecca Park (Rebecca T. Park) about the community’s social media have been saved for posterity.

Advertisements with Village Voice Media, headquartered in Arizona and an operator of Backpage, a website and print magazine with a 70% market-share for prostitution ads in the US, according to AIM Group.

Assi Supermarket on 8th Street in LA

ASSI Market – Closed

On January 21, 2015, a judge approved the eviction of ASSI due to non-payment of rent. The building owner has stated he will give ASSI a few days to clear out. Business phone number now out of service: (213) 388-0900

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BrewWell Coffee Shop: Assi Market on 8th Street

BrewWell – Closed

Korean coffee shop opened by the Rhee family in July 2013. Their adjacent supermarket ASSI was shut down by the L.A. County Health Department in September 2013 and September 2014 due to indications of rodent infestation.

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