Elephant Snack Corner – Closed

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Kokkiri Boonshik was a small Korean restaurant on the southwest corner of Western & 9th known for being open 24 hours and for its cheap prices, as well as being repeatedly given a C health rating by the L.A. County Health Department.

Health rating of B as of 12/19/2014.

UPDATE: Elephant permanently went of business in late 2015. Its old space has been taken over by Saeng Saeng Gimbap as of Spring 2016.


Date Closed: July 30, 2013
Date Reopened: August 02, 2013
Reasons for Closure: Vermin Harborage, Vermin Infestation


Shoubu Izakaya

Poorly rated Korean-run Japanese-style pub with extensive menu. Temporarily closed by the health department in February 13 due to vermin harborage.

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Closed by the L.A. County Health Department for vermin infestation. August 11-15, 2015.

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UPDATE: Isa Ramen was temporarily shut down by the health department for vermin in mid-2013 and eventually closed for good in late March 2014.

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