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Korean-Columbian joint serving brunch on the weekends.


Chilaquiles with Chicken or Pork

Chorizo & Arepa – grilled Colombian chorizo & corn flour arepa

Fried Beef Empanada – shredded beef, potato, spices, deep fried corn flour crust

Fried Kimchi Rice Empanada – rice, kimchi, vegetables, deep fried corn flour crust

Established in Ktown in March 2014, ESCALA is a gastropub in the space formerly occupied by Bohemian.

Has a live DJ on Wednesdays and weekends.

All you can eat Korean barbecue in Ktown

Seoul Soul BBQ

🍖 All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ

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Chinese food in Koreatown

VIP Chinese Restaurant

Chinese food delivery and takeout

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Oaxacan Restaurant on 8th Street in LA

Sabores Oaxaqueños

Mexican restaurant devoted to the regional cuisine of Oaxaca with live mariachi music on most nights.

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