Ewha Restaurant

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Korean restaurant in the area now known as Arlington Heights, southwest of Koreatown proper

Specialty: Korean-style Pork Rib Barbecue

Menu: pork galbi, gamjatang, grilled fish

돼지갈비, 감자탕, 생선구이 전문집

돼지갈비, 감자 전골, 돼지갈비 오돌뼈 김치찜을 24.99달러에 맛볼 수 있으며 그밖에 갈치조림과 고등어구이 등…

각종 스포츠 중계 서비스도 제공한다.

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Korean BBQ restaurant in Southwest Koreatown whose specialty is grilled duck meat. Kalbi and naeng-myeon are also on the menu. Closed on Mondays.

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