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Korean restaurant whose specialty dish is Gamja-tang.

Gamjagol / Gam Ja Gol

Gamjatang / Gam Ja Tang

Gamjatang at Gamjagol Korean Restaurant

Gamjatang at Gamjagol Restaurant in Koreatown LA

Honey Pig KBBQ restaurant

Honey Pig Korean BBQ Restaurant

Korean barbecue restaurant known for pork belly paired with kimchi and bean sprouts on the grill.

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Kang Nam Restaurant on Olympic

Kang Nam Restaurant

Located in the southwest region of Koreatown. Opened by Chef Sang Hun Lee in May 1983.

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Antequera on Melrose Avenue

Antequera De Oaxaca

Oaxacan restaurant serving authentic regional Mexican dishes such as tlayudas and caldo de res for dine-in and takeout.

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