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“Korean rice bar” on the ground floor of the “Central Plaza” building.

Serves lunch to office workers along the Wilshire corridor.

On the menu: kimbap, kimchi fried rice, pork belly rice bowl, carne asada fries, chicken quesadilla

Open 11 am – 8 pm, Monday to Friday.
Open 11 am – 3 pm, Saturday.
Closed on Sundays

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DJ Bibingkahan: Filipino Restaurant

DJ Bibingkahan

A small Filipino restaurant the serves Pinoy dishes like adobo, pansit, and lumpia.

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Odumak Korean Restaurant

Odu Mak

Korean restaurant with a traditional motif

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Kang Nam Restaurant on Olympic

Kang Nam Restaurant

Located in the southwest region of Koreatown. Opened by Chef Sang Hun Lee in May 1983.

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