Hankook Express Fedex @ Madang – Closed

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Opened 2014 on the ground floor of the Madang Mall.

Delivers to South Korea via FedEx.

Language: Korean

Madang LLC (213) 384-5162

My House Seafood – Closed

Short-lived Korean-run Japanese restaurant that opened in mid-2014 and closed soon after. New name for Gangnam Style on Wilshire. Korean restaurant specializing in sashimi and sushi. Lobster a prominent item on on the menu. Open to at least 11:00 pm on most nights.

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Red Soup Korean Restaurant

Red Soup – Closed

Closed by the end of 2015.

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Belly & Snout: Filipino Restaurant

Belly & Snout – Closed

Serves “Filipino” American dishes, not Filipino food.

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