Hansol Naengmyeon

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Opened July 23, 2015, in the space formerly occupied by Madang 621 at the Madang Plaza.

Korean chain restaurant specializing in naengmyeon (“cold noodles”).

The original Hansol restaurant is associated with the Hyundai Department Store in Seoul.

Naengmyeon has traditionally been considered to be either Pyeongyang style or Hamheung style (both names are places in North Korea).

Hansol has received kudos from food critics for breaking convention and daring to combine the finer points of each style in their own house speciality.

Foodshop: Korean Banchan Store


Eatery. Cafe. Specialty Foods. Opened in 2015. Closed in Summer 2016. In the space of what was supposed to be Flame Broiler in North Koreatown a few years back. Next to Red Carpet. Tel: (213) 215-0587

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