Jail Joa

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UPDATE: permanently closed in October 2023

Korean fusion restaurant / bar that opens at 5:00 pm and stays open to 2:00 am.

First, order something to drink.

Drink choices: soju, makkeolli, beer, soda

On the menu: kimchi fried rice, galbi-jjim, cold noodles, animal-style fries, volcano watermelon punch, deep-fried whole chicken, Korean ice-cream pops like Melona and Screwbar

The name is not the English word “Jail” but a transliteration of the Korean “제일” which means “foremost” (“che-il”). “Cheil Choa” refers to something that you like the best.

Jail Joa is located just east of Koreatown proper, in the strip mall known as EOSS Plaza.