Jail Joa

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Korean fusion restaurant / bar that opens at 5:00 pm and stays open to 2:00 am.

First, order something to drink.

Drink choices: soju, makkeolli, beer, soda

On the menu: kimchi fried rice, galbi-jjim, cold noodles, animal-style fries, volcano watermelon punch, deep-fried whole chicken, Korean ice-cream pops like Melona and Screwbar

The name is not the English word “Jail” but a transliteration of the Korean “제일” which means “foremost” (“che-il”). “Cheil Choa” refers to something that you like the best.

Jail Joa is located just east of Koreatown proper, in the strip mall known as EOSS Plaza.

They temporarily closed in February 2023. Reopening in early summer, they’re running a lot of promotions, including half-price off most menu items.

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