JK Market

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Korean-owned convenience store that was on the southeast corner of 3rd Street & Manhattan Place, across the street from the Nat King Cole post office. The old space was for lease as of early 2016.

Moved to around the corner to the northwest corner of 4th Street and Western Avenue… That’s west side of Western Avenue, just south of Third Street, next to Beau.

Sells mostly Latino snacks to the local Hispanic residents. Example: Mexican paletas, mangoneadas, bolis

Has soda like small $1 bottles of Coke and ice cream like Nestle and Blue Bunny.

Now sells lottery tickets as well.

Old address: 4378 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020

New address: 347 South Western Avenue, where Western Cleaners used to be before the space was left empty for a long time.