Koko Foot Massage

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Took over the space of Param Yoga Studio at Western Village Square in 2014.

Southwest corner of 3rd & Western, 2nd floor. Next to Skin Rejuve.

만성통증 전문치료
오십견/ 좌골신경통/ 목결림/ 허리통증/ 종아리통증/ 갱년기장애

전신지압 60분 $40
핫스톤+치료지압 70분 $50
치료지압+부황 70분 $60

Head & Foot Massage $25 for 60 minutes
Full Body + Foot Massage $30 for 60 minutes

Open Mon-Sun: 10:00 A.M ~ 10:00 P.M

Bliss Blessing Spa: Koreatown 6th Street

Bliss-Blessing Wellness Spa

Licensed massage therapists specialized in Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, and Stone Therapy. Male and female therapists available 24/7 in the Los Angeles area. RATES:

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Justin’s Massage

Located on the second floor of the strip mall on the northwest corner of 6th & Western, above Mr. Coffee.

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Olympic Foot Massage

Hours open: 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Sunday. $20 for a foot massage. $40 for whole-body accupressure. Couples Room available. No checks accepted.

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