Little Berendo

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Building next to “Villa Berendo.”

Also known as “Berendos.”

Affordable housing units.

Little Berendo is a 24-unit building comprising 12 studios and 12 one-bedroom units that house 23 formerly homeless individuals who are afflicted with mental illness.

Large fire on May 8 (Wednesday), 2024.


It took 57 firefighters 15 minutes to extinguish all flames on the second floor of a 3-story, 24-unit apartment building built in 1927. The fire was contained to a single unit, with surrounding units protected from any fire extension. No injuries were reported, and the cause is under investigation.

INCIDENT #1656; FS6; Battalion 11; Central Bureau; Council District 10; Dispatched Units BC11 BC14 BC18 BC5 CM20 CM22 E11 E203 E211 E220 E229 E27 E29 E52 E6 EM11 HR3 RA6 RA806 RA813 SQ21 T11 T20 T29 T3 UR3 UR88; Dispatch Channel 9; TAC 12 14