McDonald’s – Wilshire

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One of the three McDonald’s branches in Koreatown.

This one on Wilshire Boulevard’s business section is known for its illuminated sign with the words “Hey, it’s Mekdonal” in Korean. It phonetically says “Mek-donal” not “Mek=donald.”

The company in South Korea transliterates the restaurant’s name into Korean as 맥도날드.

For those who don’t know (have you been living in a cave?), this fast-food chain is known for burgers and fries. You can also buy soda, milkshakes, and ice-cream sundaes.

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese box

McDonald’s – Vermont

Three McDonald’s locations in Koreatown: 1. Vermont & 4th 2. Wilshire & Normandie 3. Western & 7th

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McDonald's on Western

McDonald’s – Western

American fast-food restaurant chain. This is the most beloved by old Koreans and young Korean Americans among the three McDonald’s locations within Koreatown proper.

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