Meedo Dduk Cafe – Closed

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The space became Dok Dok Chicken in 2015, but the same operation can still take special orders for “Dduk,” which are traditional Korean rice “cakes.”

This cafe specializes in artisanal ddeok (dduk) and serves both Western coffee drinks like flat whites and macchiatos, as well as traditional Korean teas. There are also fusion sandwiches and other simple snacks.

Hours Open: Mon-Sat 6 am – 7 pm. Closed on Sundays.


Unlawful Detainer filed by Jade Vermont Group LLC / Triplejs Jade Vermont LLC against Cake Meedo Rice / Kim Keum Ok / Meedo Ricecake Cafe Inc. on January 30, 2018.

Seoul Bakery on Olympic

Seoul Bakery

This is a ddeok-jip, not a “bakery” in the Western sense of the word. Makes ddeok (rice “cakes”) and kimbap (“sushi” rolls). Next to Sanya KBBQ. Closes by 4:30 pm on most days.

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Happy Rice Cake House

Happy Rice Cake House

Kimbap & Ddeok… even Gyeongdan. All to-go. No dine-in.

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Ho Won Dang

Chain store from South Korea that sells traditional Korean rice cakes and other rice-based snacks that are good for personal consumption, as well as gift-giving.

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