Mom’s House

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Korean restaurant that’s open 24 hours a day on 8th & Catalina.

Menu includes kimchi fried rice.

Omma Jip (Ohmajip, Ommajip, Uhmmajip, Mothers, Umma Jip) is listed in county records as Mom’s Restaurant.

Had a string of Bs and Cs from the health department until finally getting an A in August 2011.

Oh Ma Ni

Korean eatery whose house specialty is soondae (blood sausages). Menu also includes soondae jokbal and various soups and stews. Health rating of A (92) as of 04/18/2013. 01/23/2013 99 A 06/07/2012 95 A 03/26/2012 94 A Closes by 9:00 pm on most evenings. Korean and basic English are spoken.

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Buil Samgyetang

Korean restaurant specializing in samgyetang (traditional chicken stew with ginseng). Menu.

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San Su Dang

San Soo Dang is a ddeok-jib that sells so-called Korean rice “cakes” called ddeok and similar products. Koreans often describe this type of establishment in English as a rice “bakery” though it is not like Western-style bakeries that bake products – it’s more like steaming the rice flour. Korean is spoken. Health rating: B

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