New Leaf

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Shoe store.

Jordan 4 University Blue (GS) 3.5y $350
Jordan 4 Red Thunder(GS) 4.5y $400
Jordan 4 Lightning (GS) 6y $260
Jordan 4 Black Canvas (GS) 6y $380
Jordan 4 Thunder(GS) 6y $260
Jordan 1 Retro High Shadow 2.0 Size 9.5M $280
Nike Air Max 2013 Stussy Fossil (M) 4.5 $250

* Item availability is subject to change.

Closes by 6 pm on weekdays.

Natural Preserved Moss Art Decor ; Indoor Moss Plant Interior

Kahee’s Plants

Newest plant shop in Koreatown

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Verizon store in Koreatown

Verizon Wireless @ Normandie

Verizon store on Wilshire by Normandie

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Kpop Store in LA

Kpop Music Town

Kpop music + merch store on the 2nd floor of the Madang Mall

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