Novel Terrace Flowers

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Korean-owned design studio specializing in plants and flowers.

Located at the strip mall known as San Marino Plaza.

Sign outside says “flower by novel terrace” with the Korean character 꽃 (flower).

flower 꽃
by novel terrace

About The Owner

MK Park is a planterior designer with various certificates and diplomas from LA PREMIER Flower Design School Diploma by Kevin Lee, Ecole Florale de Louis Quatorze Diploma for European Flower by Daniel Pichon, Florist Mi SooK Yoon Certificate, German Meisterbrief (Flouristmeister/-in) Hyun sun Moon Flower Certificate, and the IKEBANA Korean Traditional Flower Certificate.

Novel Terrace Flowers

Established in 2023.

Where “Hosanna by Floria Flowers” had been located between the CBD smoke shop and Hana Beauty Salon / Rose Spa.