Omiljip House Of Noodles – Closed

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Korean restaurant that replaced Sooraksan.

Menu has changed. No more konggooksu. But clam/seafood sujebi still available.

English is spoken very well and politely.

Golftown Super Store – Moved

Was located on Wilshire Boulevard by Kingsley Drive. Has moved to the 2nd floor of the City Center mall on 6th Street. Unit 203, next to Wilshire Bank and right above EMC restaurant. The parking entrance of City Center is on Mariposa between Wilshire and 6th. This “super store” carries a wide range of golf […]

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Hanbat Shul Lung Tang

Han Bat Sul Lung Tang

Small hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant famous for Seolleong-tang (ox-bone soup). CASH ONLY… B health rating.

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Aladdin Rodeo Bookstore

Korean bookstore located inside the Rodeo Galleria complex. Carries a wide range of Korean-language books including cookbooks.

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