Oxford Mini Mart

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Korean-operated convenience store at the Oxford Center Plaza on 8th Street, next to Slurpin’ Ramen.

Sign outside says “Liquor Market.”

Also sells cigarettes.

Pharos Bar & Cafe

Korean-run bar associated with the 24-hour Grand Spa in East Koreatown. There’s a karaoke lounge downstairs. Latest update: January 2014.

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Quegori Norebang

Korean-run karaoke bar in the Westlake / Pico Union area, east of Koreatown proper.

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Gaam Restaurant & Lounge

Separate from Gaam Karaoke. Both on 6th Street. Food to eat with soju. Health rating of A (91) as of 04/25/2013. 3465 W 6th St,2nd Fl Los Angeles, CA 90020 GAAM 3465 W 6TH ST #300 LOS ANGELES 90020 04/25/2013 91 Restaurant 01/24/2013 90 A 10/23/2012 85 B 08/02/2012 90 A

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