Paris Baguette – Olympic

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Newest location of Paris Baguette in Koreatown… making it a grand total of four within Ktown.

South Korean bakeshop chain selling mostly European-style pastries with an Asian twist… such as goguma (sweet-potato) cake.

This branch opened in January 2019.

Guatemalan Bakery in Los Angeles

Guatemalteca Bakery

Guatemalan bakery, restaurant and retail food store

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Paris Baguette: 6th Street, Koreatown LA

Paris Baguette – 6th & Alexandria

South Korean chain of bakeries with three locations in Koreatown LA —- one is at the Madang Plaza, the other is on 1st & Western. Features Korean-inspired Western-style cakes, breads and pastries,

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Bosco Bakery Cafe: Koreatown Plaza

Bosco Bakery Cafe

Used to be at Chapman Plaza. Now at Koreatown Plaza.

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