Plaza Hanshik

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Not a restaurant but a food-court stall serving Korean dishes.

Menu includes mul-naengmyeon, seolleongtang, kimchi fried rice, and bulgogi.

Located in the Koreatown Plaza food court downstairs.

Nicole's Cafe at Koreatown Plaza

Nicole’s Gourmet Coffee

Famous for its signature Patbingsoo

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Bab One Kki: One Bite of Korean Food

Bab Han Kki, One Bite, Pioneer Chicken

Newest food stall to open inside the Koreatown Plaza food court, in early 2015. Korean Food and Pioneer Chicken. The menu of Korean food includes broiled covina, L.A. galbi, beef bulgogi, spicy pork bulgogi, stone-pot bibimbap, yachae bibimbap, yeolmu bibimbap, spicy squid over rice, cheong-gook jang, soybean soup, and soft tofu soup. Pioneer Chicken used […]

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White Chic

In the space formerly occupied by Ferrare on the third floor of Koreatown Plaza. Suite 341

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