Prime KBBQ

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Korean BBQ restaurant that opened in 2022 in the space formerly occupied by Ombu Grill at Omni Plaza.

Hours of operation: 12:00pm-10:00pm, Monday-Sunday

Prime KBBQ’s Combo D priced at $280 consists of prime bone in short rib, USDA Prime beef brisket, USDA Prime boneless short ribs, premium outside skirt, USDA prime meat seasoned in sesame oil, premium filet mignon, tomahawk stea, beef tartare, pineapple +++

Premium Pork Belly (samgyeopsal) $28
Premium Pork in Sweet Marinade (bulgogi) $28
Premium Pork Neck (mog sal) $28

Lunch specials: $15 cold buckwheat noodles, $15 bibimbap

洛杉矶烧烤 | 韩式烧烤 | 洛杉矶美食 | 加州美食 🍖

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Thanks Chicken

Korean restaurant affiliated with / attached to Town Hof… making their joint offering chimaek

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