School Food

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Simple Korean food enjoyed by students in South Korea — with a fusion twist.

Ddeokbukki with carbonara sauce, Squid ink kimbap, Shrimp kimbap, Tonkatsu…

Located on the third floor of Madang Courtyard on Western Avenue.

Delivery Area: Crenshaw Blvd to Virgil Avenue. Olympic Blvd to Beverly Blvd

Minimum 3 orders.

Yerim Korean BBQ Restaurant

Yerim Korean BBQ

Korean barbecue restaurant

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Tip's House: Thai Food Takeout on 6th Street

Tip’s House – Thai Food

Small family-run Thai restaurant on 6th Street

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Biryani Kabob House

Biryani Kabob House

Halal restaurant on 3rd & New Hampshire… Serves Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi food.

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