Shinurang Olkerang

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“Sinulang Allkelang All-Family Restaurant” is in southwest Koreatown on Olympic & Crenshaw.

The Korean pronunciation of the restaurant’s name is “Shinoo-rahng, Olkeh-rahng.”

“Sisters-in-law” in Korea have a notoriously difficult time together. This restaurant pokes fun at that.


Kimchi Dumpling Soup 8.99

Rice-Cake Dumpling Soup 7.99

Original Dumpling Soup 7.99

Deep-fried Dumplings 6.99

Boiled Dumplings 6.99

Hand-Cut Noodles in Hot Red-bean Broth 8.99

Kimchi Sujaebi 8.99

Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) 8.99

Pork Bulgogi 9.99

Jjolmyeon 7.99

Soondubu 7.99

Ddeokbokki 8.99

* Availability and prices of menu items are subject to change.

Health rating as of 06/19/2012: 90

Open until 9:00 pm on most days. Closed on Sundays.