Slurp and Sip

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Just a few steps from Wilshire & Normandie…

Self-Serve Ramen Noodles + Smoothies / Juices

Note that their ramen machines were shut down on January 12, 2024. Their application for a health permit is still pending as of January 26. As of February 5, you can only buy packages of ramyeon to take home, not cook on the premises. They are selling smoothies and juices.

If you’re interested in using the self-serve ramyeon machines, do NOT drive out 40 miles to make a special trip without first calling ahead to confirm they’re actually working that day.

Slurp & Sip

Price point: basic ramen $5.99 – $6.99

Toppings $1 – $2.50
– kimchi, bean sprouts, fresh egg, boiled egg, corn, cheese

White rice add-on $3.50

Free toppings: cilantro, green onions, lime, onions, sliced jalapeño peppers

Ramen-cooking machines and egg-cracking tool are were available on-site.

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