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한인타운 가주마켓 3층

On the third floor of the building complex housing Gaju Market / California Marketplace on the northeast corner of 5th Street and Western Avenue.


  • Grill Thai
  • Robot Gimbab
  • Nipong Naepong
  • Brown Donkatsu
  • Sogongdong Tofu
  • Bora Dessert Cafe
  • Mimimyunga Soba
  • Curious Goldie
  • Softree Ice Cream<

(626) 614-7774

Hoddeok Cart outside Assi Market on 8th Street

Gook-hwa House – Closed

A cart outside Assi Market that sells guk-hwa bbang (“chrysanthemum bread”) and hoddeok (“honey pancakes”).

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Paris Baguette: Madang Courtyard: Western, Wilshire 2012

Paris Baguette – Madang

On the ground floor of the Madang Complex… Korean-inspired French-style pastries…

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Opaane Video Store – Closed

LATEST UPDATE: Closed by April 8, 2015. Korean “adult” videos and DVD rentals. Contrary to reports elsewhere online, Opaane is still open as of September 3, 2014. It’s just that their phone service has been disconnected. Impending closure is anticipated by locals.

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